2 comments on “Madonna University regains operational licence

  1. NUC what have you done oo!!! You just increased the problem for us…hw will you release licence of okija for goodness sake?.
    How can university students be kneeing down and serving punishments?
    How will U̶̲̥̅̊ be in a school wer you will be beaten up by so called security men becos you re talking to a girl?
    How can 8persons be sleeping in a store called room?… 6 on bonks the other 2 on d floor.
    With the great amount of school fees, we get water and light only from 7pm till 6am…dats wickedness.
    How can we forcefully go to church on sunday, from 7am till 12pm…is it morning vigil?
    How can university students be having boys day out and girls day out…what in Gods name is this?
    They call us university students but we have no rights to leave school only on tuesdays, and you must come back before 8 or 9pm
    Boys goes on bank exist on tuesdays and girls on mondays…( I don die)
    Imagine as old as we are, every1 must buy the school vest and we must jog every friday morning even during exams…what is jogging in university??
    I DEY VEX O!!
    If the hostels re too small to take the students, dey should make it off campus or increase the hostels.
    As we old reach, we can not use d phone of our choice, we will be hidding our camera phones from security men and hall reps even wen we have important assignments to browse about.
    In the school, we can’t keep the hair style we want, you will pay fine or locked in the security post(G-UNIT)…pls NUC I really don’t want to say this but you give me no choice, did d school bribe you to return the licence? Dnt you all know about all dis?… Una dey fall my hands!!…pls check what I said nd help us out..we need ur help badly..thanks alot

  2. Datz a very good news,we are very happy to have regained our licence back.NUC,u guys have done the good work keep it up.4rm Ogoobi Psc.

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