One comment on “The Hypocritical rantings of a NANS leadership bereft of Ideology

  1. Well, I have been expecting someone or a group of people that Wℓ̊ℓℓ have a view of wђã†̥ I hold concerning the so called ‘NANS’, and am happy to see someone that shares such view with ♍ƺ and many other Nigeria Students. I want to say with every sense of confidence and based on verifiable fact that NANS is made up mainly TOUTS and DrOp outs. I witnessed one of their elections while in school and can say Ђδω deadly it is. These are set of people appointed and organised by govts disguising as students rep. I think it is high time we ( students ) stood up and put our destinies in our hand. We must begin to gî√e rapt attention to the processes that bring NANS executives both national and state level to position and solicit the media houses to direct attention towards as Τ̣̣ђȋ̝̊̅§ path in order to restore the lost glory of the students association and the educational system.

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