2 comments on “Demystifying the phenomenon called APC: A step by step insight into deception

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  2. RE: Demystifying the phenomenon called APC.
    A great piece you have there and I must commend your intellectual effort. I have some issues against your write up which I expresses below;
    My first is between EL Rufai and Buhari.
    * Remember in politics no permanent friends or permanent enemies but permanent interests- your question should be what are the interests of these two people about NIGERIA.
    Tinubu and fight for Democracy.
    * Thanks for using the word “although”. it’s a pointer to the fact that you accepted that at a point he fought for democracy. That he eventually went on exile means so many things. We all know the despotic nature of the military junta and also the security situation in the country. ” if you’re not in a situation, don’t judge”.
    * people are quick to attack Buhari but in most of the popular political parties, which doesn’t parade a military man who had a bad antecedent or the other. Please pin point Buhari’s flaws with evidence.
    Ribadu and Tinubu
    * everyone has talked about Tinubu and others as looters but so far no record of conviction. Do you think PDP government would have left Tinubu untouched knowing fully well that he’s been a threat to their dominance in south west if they have concrete evidence against him? So why the corruption label? I’m not exonerating him as a saint or his colleagues but rather than focusing on this man or that man, let’s face the system and its reconstruction. My question is how? Channel a course for us now! My anger with social commentators and activists is that they are the very ones that dines and wines with these same people they are tagging bad fooling the reader and masses. Mtcwww!
    Tinubu’s party is a platform and remember flagbearers when eventually voted to power influences changes I their party. Obama and Democratic party, Bush and Republican party.
    Party manifestoes.
    * parties and nations keep evolving.
    What happens now in the states of APC is bad in terms of school tuition. But, please compare also with PDP, APGA, LP states. Compare what they pay with the NUC’s estimate of training an undergraduate. If education is cheap, have you asked why private institutions are paying hugely for the same education we receive or have you asked yourself why UN advised countries of the world to allocate up to 13% or thereabout of the annual budgetary allocation to education- I’m not accurate with the statistics but I’m certain that presently, the country controlled by the PDP allocates less than 3% to education and you can testify to this by the yearly closure of our school.
    It is what the federal does that will aid the state paln better. So far, I can’t blame them.
    They are however wrong to say FREE EDUcATION but if they’ve said provision of affordable and qualitative education, I will accept.
    About Debts
    Bring out a national government in the world that’s debt free. Tell me a state in Nigeria apart from APC’s states that doesn’t have debt profile. They don’t only have debt but the states have no infrastructures and human capital development to show for it. Most APC state’s IGR suppasses most other states and this has aid in servicing their debt profile. The infrastructures are luring investors hence different investors running to them. My prayer is that we start reaping its manifestation soonest.

    By now you will have concluded that I’m an APC apologetic. No, my friend neither do I detest PDP.
    However, if a party controls the national/ federal government force more than 14 years, what explanation do we give to that. Should they continue? There must be a change and if the power bloc is not broken, the present quagmire state of Nigeria will remain and development will be far fetched.

    No party in Nigeria for now is qualified to claim decency but party and individual change in government is crucial to growth. USA’s parties is a veritable example as power shifts from democratic to republican and vice versa.
    if you still think APC, PDM, APGA, VOP or what have you is not the answer and PDP is not an option, kindly suggest a way forward. REVOLUTION- who leads, who benefits? or do you think Nigerians and I trust or will trust these social crusaders or activists?
    My conclusion is WERE NI A FI N WO WERE!

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